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Make a professional impression!

Show your customers and employees that hand sanitization is a priority.

Place a message or your company's logo on the stand where it will truly "stand" out!

Powered by Convenience

Each set comes with an AC Power Adapter AND a pack of 4 'C' Batteries (when do you ever hear batteries come included?)  This lets you place the stands anywhere, and where it matters most. 

Easy to Assemble in 4 Steps

1) Setup the baseplate

2) Connect to two vertical poles

3) Affix the dispenser back plate

4) Hang the dispenser on the stand

Then you simply, open the dispenser, fill it up, plug in or insert batteries.

Turn it on, and you're ready to sanitize!

Full instructions come included or call for help at 1(844)HND-STND

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Our Hands & Stands sets are designed

for your convenience.

Only fill our
Hands & Stands
dispensers with our hand sanitizer! 
Other sanitizer products may clog or damage the spray nozzle and void warranty.