When it comes to quality,

you're in good hands!

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Not all hand sanitizers are the same.  Ours is great!


And specially made and tested to work with our Hands & Stands Dispensers.

Top Quality Ingredients

There are many hand sanitizer products on the market that unfortunately are made poorly with low quality ingredients and formulations.  Some may even be harmful or ineffective.   

Hands & Stands hand sanitizer is made with 75% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL which by many is considered to be a higher grade alcohol and effective for sanitization.

Feels great on the Hands

Some hand sanitizers are hard to rub in effectively, or leave the hands feeling sticky.  Hands & Stands sanitizer is a gel consistency that distributes evenly and leaves the hands feeling soft and dry.

Proudly Made in an FDA Registered Facility in the USA!

Many imported hand sanitizer products do not meet the required health and safety standards that we expect in America.  Our hand sanitizer is made in an FDA registered pharmaceutical facility, and our product is recommended by physicians.


Well, all hand sanitizers do smell like alcohol, because that's mainly what it's made from.  We don't add other scent flavors in an effort to enhance or mask the smell, as these can sometimes smell worse.  

Each Refill Bottle Provides about 2,000 Uses

Our Hands & Stands Sanitizer comes in a 32oz (946ml) twist-cap bottle that makes it easy to handle and pour into the dispensers.   Each bottle provides enough sanitizer to fill the dispenser's storage container.